At Into Rehab we know enough to keep our hands to ourselves, keep our mouths shut, and pay for sex only when we have to. But for years the pigs in Hollywood have been known to grab 'em, poke 'em and spank 'em whenever the hell they pleased. Now that their dirty little secrets are out, our friends at Breitbart have done the heavy lifting and compiled a rap sheet of the worst offenders. Enjoy!

First DMX blew off his fans by postponing a bunch of shows. Then he flew to California and checked into rehab. And of course it was all followed by the usual management apology to fans. This reads like the re-run of every drugged up rapper's life story. You'd think that at age 46 this guy would finally get it together. Nope... X that thought! And now he's at it again!

Ben Affleck's support system is right in front of him ... literally. Apparently nothing sobers you up faster than hanging with your soon-to-be ex. Or maybe that's what put him into rehab in the first place!

Tiger Woods was asleep at the wheel in a stopped car at 2:03 AM -- about 8 miles from his house -- when the cops showed up... and uh-oh he was completely out of it. So the 41-year old Woods was hauled in and booked on suspicion of DUI.

Veteran rockers Kix have revealed the details of a shocking incident where their guitarist Ronnie Younkins failed to show up for a gig. He remained out of touch until the following morning when he was finally found "not in great condition and very upset.” Lucky he didn't get kicked out of Kix right there. Now Youkins is gonna have to kick his habit as he heads Into Rehab.

Austin Powers and Celebrity Big Brother star Verne Troyer says he'll be entering rehab for alcohol addiction. After a 2-week stint in the hospital, the 48-year-old actor has confirmed to fans he would soon begin treatment for what has been a long-time battle. Even if it costs him "one millllion dollars" it's worth it!