In Game of Thrones someone was always getting screwed or killed... or both. Now Kit Harington gets screwed up, all stressed out and enters rehab before his career gets killed. No game here.

What would it be like if someone threw a party and nobody came. Or worse... nobody noticed. Well... it would be like when Paris Jackson checked into rehab.

Heather Locklear, recently the subject of high-profile run-ins with police, has voluntarily agreed to undergo long-term rehab for substance-abuse and mental-health issues, TMZ reports.

Vince Vaughn is in jail after an early morning bust for DUI. According to law enforcement, the actor was arrested around 4 AM in Manhattan Beach, CA -- about 30 minutes south of Los Angeles. He played the part of a convict... now life imitates art.

Mark Chapman -- the guy who arguably saves Rose's life in "Titanic" when she grabs his whistle off his dead, frozen body -- was arrested for allegedly choking his girlfriend after she dumped him.

Swedish DJ Avicii, real name Tim Bergling, died at age 28 on Friday, April 20. Death is sad. But what is sadder is to see such a great and beloved talent succumb to what clearly could have been avoided. There will be no toasts in this guy's honor... now that he's toast. Too much drink and not enough think -- gone at 28.