On May 25, 2015 now former Chicago Bear Ray McDonald was arrested on charges of domestic violence and child endangerment. Bad news for the guy that was just signed for a one-year deal with the Chicago Bears ("da bears") back on March 24, 2015. He was shortly released from his contract and things have been downhill from here. Ol' McDonald had a farm? No! Ol' McDonald had some domestic violence and child endangerment charges!

UPDATE: Straight out of an Arizona court room, Warren Sapp has pleaded guilty to solicitation and assault of 2 prostitutes in an incident that took place in an Arizona hotel room three months ago. But get this, he's getting off pretty easy (apparently the last time he got off this easy was 3 months ago in that hotel room!) Sapp will not be serving any time behind bars and has been required to enroll in two counseling programs. Some are calling these programs "hooker rehab". The best part is that one program he's already finished and the other program he is currently in. Sapp was also ordered to pay restitution to the prostitutes, $1,171.24 to one, and $150 to the other. That brings the total amount paid to both prostitutes: $1921.24 -- a pretty expensive trick! Check out the original story...

The former 49ers and Raiders offensive tackle, Kwame Harris, was arrested earlier this month (April 2015) after being accused of driving under the influence and attempting to bite a police officer. I guess you could say this gives a whole new meaning to "taking a bite out of crime"!

In March of 2015 former Grand Slam tennis champion Bob Hewitt was found guilty on two counts of rape and one of sexual assault in a South African High Court. Grand slam on the tennis court, but apparently not in the bedroom for this old man.

This past February 2015, Lance Armstrong kept himself out of court by pleading guilty to careless driving. The charges came after Armstrong hit two parked cars in December 2014 while driving his SUV in Aspen, Colorado. We gotta ask, was his SUV on steroids, or is Armstrong such a really bad driver that he managed to hit not one, but two parked cars.

This past February 2015 Frank Bialowas, former professional hockey player within the Philadelphia Flyers organization, was arrested for shoplifting. Bialowas was caught leaving the store while trying to hide a $54 dimmer switch "to avoid paying for it." Looks like things went dim on his career and now going dim on his life.