Rams safety T.J. McDonald was arrested Tuesday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence of a substance other than alcohol. What was he taking... stupid pills? And of course he took the shortcut to jail... driving under the influence and crashing a parked car.

Curt Schilling, the controversial former baseball player is now a former baseballl commentator. He was finally fired from his nearly 7-year gig at ESPN over a recent Facebook post showing a meme in support of the North Carolina law barring transgender people from using bathrooms that don't... uh... match-up with the equipment they were issued at birth. See? Mention a toilet in public and that's where your career ends up.

Police in Florida twice used a stun gun to incapacitate Los Angeles Rams running back Tre Mason during an arrest on drug and traffic charges Saturday. Another stunning example of our best and dumbest.

The third time is a charm for this charming young man, as Jeff Adrien, former college and NBA basketball player lands back in jail - this time for allegedly trying to kick a police officer, No we didn't say football or soccer player, but hey... this guy may need a new job when he gets out.

Picabo Street, the talented and admired Olympic Super G and Downhill skiing champion added a new dimension to the term downhill. First, she pushed her 76-year old father down two flights of stairs. Then she saw her life go downhill when she was arrested for multiple counts of domestic violence and assault. Super!

On June 15, 2015 former NFL star Darren Sharper pleaded guilty to rape charges in a Louisiana court. We gotta say, this guy isn't so sharp!