The Rest Of Us

Curtis Ward, the would-be actor and con-director behind a critically acclaimed thug documentary, was arrested over the weekend following a standoff with police at a funeral service for his grandfather. This bad actor was acting badly, and when SWAT arrived it was the final act for him.

Stephanie Seymour, former Victoria's Secret lingerie model, in a Connecticut courtroom appearance, has applied for an alcohol rehab program. She and her lawyer are hoping that will lead to dismissal of her drunk driving and leaving the scene of a crash charges. Looks like things have gone downhill and apparently into a pole for the 47-year mother of four.

A former Niagara Falls heroin dealer who portrayed Niagara Falls recycling mascot “Totes McGoats” was ruled a success in a court-supervised drug rehabilitation program. This The Rest Of Us story is uplifting, and has great pictures,,, so how could we resist!

Two on-air "personalities" from Fox News were suspended Monday for using profanities during a broadcast in response to President Barack Obama's Sunday terrorism speech. All we can say is: "Do their mother's know they talk like this?" Well... if they were tuned in, they do now!

Surprise Surprise! Theodora Richards, the daughter of famed Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, has reportedly exited her second stint in rehab. Only 17 more to go to get to her dad's 19th Nervous Breakdown!

OK.. so the guy has two names. And yeah his son Josh is an admitted molester and a cheater and is in rehab. But now Jim Bob doubles down by going into rehab with his wife Michelle.