Stephanie Seymour, former Victoria's Secret lingerie model, in a Connecticut courtroom appearance, has applied for an alcohol rehab program. She and her lawyer are hoping that will lead to dismissal of her drunk driving and leaving the scene of a crash charges. Looks like things have gone downhill and apparently into a pole for the 47-year mother of four.

It wasn't too very long ago that Stephanie Seymour was on top of the world. Having modeled for one of the most famous lingerie companies in the world she graced the pages of the Victoria's Secret catalog to the delight of teenage boys everywhere. Back in the day she appeared multiple times on the pages of Sports Illustrated as well. And she even did the nude thing in once high-flying Playboy magazine. We know because all these magazines are still stuffed under our bed. But all stars fade and apparently for Stephanie hers faded into an alcohol induced blur.

Ms. Seymour was arrested after a January 15 incident where she smacked up her Land Rover (what else?) backing down an I-95 exit ramp into a Mercedes Benz (what else?) She was later charged on another crash where pieces of said Land Rover were found near a busted up utility pole. All this not far from her home... where of course she should have been locked inside instead of out driving around town knocking into poles and other vehicles.

Well the Land Rover must have been in the shop, since she arrived in court in a Black Mercedes. No word if that was hers, or her lawyer's, whose high-priced advice will hopefully lead to the dismissal she seeks at her next court appearance in April.

Stephanie has had her share of infamous incidents in the past. Perhaps the most fan-worthy being her tumultuous relationship with Guns and Roses lead singer Axl Rose. That mess ended when in August 1993, Rose sued Seymour for assaulting him during a 1992 Christmas party, for mental and emotional abuse, and for withholding $100,000 worth of jewelry. Rose claimed he and Seymour were engaged at the time. In turn, Seymour counter-sued Rose for assaulting her and denied they were ever engaged. She moved on to marry billionaire Peter Brant (what else?)

Nowadays Seymour leads a typical Connecticut mom's life... well that is until she went and got herself arrested. Or maybe that is a normal life for women of privilege up there in Connecticut? What do you think?