After having been found guilty on September 4, 2015 on charges of public corruption, former Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell has finally been sentenced.  On January 6, 2015 he was ordered to serve two years in federal prison.

Ever been caught playing Candy Crush in the middle of an important meeting? Well, this British politician has. And the scandal is oh so sweet! Although definitely not the biggest story we have ever broken here on Into Rehab, it still seems rather unfitting for a such a stately politician to be playing Candy Crush during a committee discussion on pension reform and the insurance industry.

And indeed he did! Cornel West was arrested on October 13, 2014 while protesting in Ferguson against the shooting of Michael Brown.

Smells like a pile of bullshit. But here's the story, Rick Perry was indicted by a Travis County grand jury on August 15, 2014. The first charge was abuse of official capacity, for threatening to veto $7.5 million in funding for a Public Integrity Unit (a first degree felony.) What the hell oxymoron is a Public Integrity Unit?

We Didn't Know How To Categorize This One - We Thought "Scumbags" Was A Legit Choice But In The End... "Who Cares?" would be a better choice.