While celebrating New Years 2013 in his home town of Santa Monica, Josh Brolin was arrested for public intoxication.

According to police he was discovered heavily intoxicated on a Santa Monica sidewalk and taken into custody.

This wasn't Brolin's first run-in with police. On Dec 20, 2004 Brolin's then wife, Diane Lane called police after an altercation with Brolin. He was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery. In the end Lane declined to press charges and the whole incident was passed off as a "misunderstanding". What we never seem to understand is how a woman misunderstands getting her ass kicked.

On another occasion in July of 2008, Brolin was arrested after an altercation at a bar in Shreveport, Louisana. Seems to be that this old-boy is indeed more of a fighter, than a lover. Especially surprising for someone who described himself as being "such a mamma's boy". We bet mamma would be proud!