In June of 2015 the famous (infamous?) Wiz Khalifa pleaded guilty in El Paso, Texas to a misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana. Khalifa agreed to pay a $500 fine that would make this all go away. Good thing a regular drug test wasn't part of the plea deal, otherwise the name "Wiz" would have taken on a whole new meaning!

Wiz Khalifa was originally arrested back in May of 2014 in El Paso as he was en route to the Neon Desert Music Festival. The story gained popularity not only because of the rappers fame, but because of the infamous tweets and "jail selfie" (jailfie?) that were sent out from his holding cell. Khalifa joked about the police not knowing how many grams he had. "How ironic" he said, especially after announcing from jail the release of his "28 grams mix tape" (although the name was probably chosen before hand.)

Khalifa's love of cannabis is of course no secret. He has claimed to have spent $10,000 a month on cannabis and smokes daily. This hasn't stopped the Pittsburgh City Council of declaring December 12, 2012 (12-12-12!) to be "Wiz Khalifa Day" in the city. Let's hope he keeps his private activities confined to places where he won't risk his career going up in smoke.