Heather Locklear, recently the subject of high-profile run-ins with police, has voluntarily agreed to undergo long-term rehab for substance-abuse and mental-health issues, TMZ reports.

Currently in the psychiatric ward of a prominent L.A.-area hospital, Locklear is set to enter a facility upon her release.

Sources close to Locklear's family told TMZ her issues have been diagnosed as being related to both substances and mental health, and that Locklear — combative during her arrests — has been "cooperative so far."

Locklear has looked increasingly distraught in her mug shots. Ya think? Gives new meaning to the word mug.

Locklear was arrested in June for battery on a police officer immediately before being hospitalized for an overdose. So its tough... Is her problem substance abuse or violence. Of course se say both!

Locklear has worked steadily since her TV debut in 1980, most memorably on the series "Dynasty" (1981-1989), "T.J. Hooker" (1982-1986), "Melrose Place" (1993-1999), and "Spin City" (1999-2002). Her most recent gig was as a fictional first lady on the series "Too Close to Home" that ended last year. Seems like her latest troubles are really too close to home. Get your act together honey.

Thanks to Extra and TMZ for the tip!