James Argent one of the stars of the British reality television series The Only Way Is Essex has reportedly checked Into Rehab on December 7th. This was not in the script! Let's see if we got this right. The Only Way Is Essex (known to fans as TOWIE) is a BAFTA award-winning "scripted reality" television soap opera based in Essex, England. Hmmm scripted reality... that means totally fake, right? Just checking.

And our boy James got suspended from the show for too much partying. That's entertainment-speak for screwing up. So what do you do? What else... try to get your job back!

In French argent means money. And James didn't want to find himself running out of that argent too quickly,considering his penchant for the party lifestyle... and him having no gig. So a Xmas trip to rehab is just what the doctor ordered! Hopefully he will follow the new script his doctors have given him and return a better person.

UPDATE: "It's good to finally be back in Essex". Those were the words of dear old chap James Argent as he left rehab on Tuesday, December 30, 2014. The headline read, "James Argent returns home after spending his birthday and Christmas in rehab..." We suppose "I'll Be Home For Christmas" just wasn't on his play list this year. Argent has apparently pledged to make a "new start". His New Year's resolution, if you will. Good luck James... or a return to rehab may again be your reality!