It's been a tough few years for Amanda Bynes, but her bad behavior never seems to stop. The former child star from the Nickelodeon series All That and The Amanda Show, as well as movies What a Girl Wants and Easy A, has proven time and time again that she is a very, very (very) unstable person (for additional proof, check out her Twitter page! She's a loon!).

... and she's at it again. But this time, the topic of her angry, abusive tirades are not about another "deserving" celebrity; no new details detailing the microchip in her head; none of those negative thoughts about a friend who is trying to help her through her tough times (that's just not cool to her anymore); or even hip hop artist Drake (poor Drake -- please don't listen to Amanda), rather, it's the people who brought her into this world: her poor mom and dad.

On Monday, November 16 Bynes released a statement through her lawyer apologizing for a pair of audio recordings that were leaked online where she is very clearly heard saying that she would love nothing more than to slit her father's throat (say what?!), and speaks in length about a phone call she made to her mother and the threats that ensued. These are you parents, Amanda. Relax.

Bynes, who says she is now remorseful for her banal, abusive threats to her parents and their safety, says in the "sorrowful" -- and we're positive "tear-soaked" -- letter:

I am truly sorry for the statements I made. I am sorry for any pain I caused my family and others. I am thankful for everyone's patience and understanding. I never expected others to take advantage and profit from my condition. I'm disappointed with those who lulled me into a false sense of security only to find out they really are only interested in selling my privacy to the media.

Boo hoo! (Okay, we added that last bit).

Much to Bynes' chagrin, however, the disturbing audio recordings, which are really nothing more than a testament to a mentally unstable person, who would very unlikely carry out such actions, are widely available on the Internet for many amusing years to come. Further contributing to the downward spiral that is Amanda Byne's fall from grace, but adding to the treasure trove of celebrity blunders that the Internet contains.Check out the treatment that our friends at Gawker gave her {modal}here!{/modal}

You know what? On second thought, Amanda's career isn't exactly a storied pinnacle of acting excellence. So maybe this is the best she has, or will ever have. So in that case: bravo! You've achieved nutty greatness! It's just too bad they don't give awards for being a nutcase. Unless you count rehab. Which is an honor you'll have to wrestle away from reigning champion Charlie Sheen (he's got tiger blood and Adonis DNA, so watch out!).

Thanks for the entertainment, Amanda! We're pulling for you in whatever road you decide to take!