Gerard Butler Successfully Treated for Substance Abuse Problem

Actor Gerard Butler recently completed his stint at rehab. One of the ‘P.S. I Love You’ hitmaker’s representatives told Gossip Cop that he has finished the complete course of therapy successfully and has made his way home in better health and spirits.

Root of the Problem

Sources at TMZ state that the 42 year old who ensured a hands-on and physically challenging role in ‘300’, the blockbuster 2006 movie, believed that was the main reason why he turned to prescription drugs. He consumed them on a regular basis as a part of his method to handle pain. The actor who is of Scottish descent heavily increased his drug use while shooting for the film ‘Of Men and Mavericks’. He suffered some amount of injury when he was involved in an on-set accident while surfing. He was playing the role of a risky surfer.

TMZ also broke the news that Butler not only struggled to cope with issues related to prescription drugs but even turned to cocaine to which he soon became hooked. He had no control over his life anymore; instead the drugs controlled him. It was the last straw. He knew that he had to do something to control his addiction in a better way. He finally thought of checking himself into rehab.

Rehab Term

Butler successfully went through with a rehab treatment for his drug problems at the Betty Ford Center and lasted for three entire weeks which is a considerable length of time.

His prescription drug dependency had worsened and he wanted to get rid of it so that he was back in control of his life. What started out as a way to manage pain when he exhausted himself by taking roles which were physically grueling, soon took a turn for the worse and before he was even aware of it he had become addicted to drugs.

Butler had admitted to his prescription drug addiction shortly before entering rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic. It is still unclear whether he battled with the lethal drug, cocaine or whether his substance abuse problem was limited to prescription pills. Some deny this point while others like TMZ strongly support it. The actor had earlier spilled the beans about his problems with alcohol which he had managed to curb a bit. He is no said to be enjoying fine health after the completion of his extended course in the rehab centre.