In Feburary of 2015, Baltimore Ravens nose tackle (well, former that is) Terrence Cody was indicted for animal abuse. The alleged abuse involved a dog and an alligator (wait, is he from Florida?) Yes folks, a dog and an alligator. We thought it was safe to say that we've seen just about everything here at Into Rehab, but, boy were we wrong!

Cody had turned himself in after a warrant had been issued for his arrest. Good thing, as the police probably wouldn't want to have to arrest this guy with a rabid dog or an angry alligator by his side. The investigation started after Cody brought his dog to a veterinarian and he later died (the dog... not Cody or the vet!). That's so nice of him. After putting his dog up against an alligator and no doubt the dog losing in that little contest, he then brings him in for a check-up. (well... we're assuming that's how this all went down... what else?)

We won't bore you with all 15 counts that have been laid against Cody, but we can tell you that 2 of them have to do with possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. There you go! We suppose now that this story begins to make a little more sense. Suffice it to say that Cody has been cut from the Ravens team. It's been {modal}reported{/modal} that Ravens coach John Harbaugh stated at a press conference that "the threshold of tolerance" had changed after five players were arrested in the recent offseason. Perhaps... but those five on charges not quite as serious as Cody's. So like the man said, it's reached the "theshold of terrence" ... errr "tolerance".

Cody's agent Peter Schaffer has been defending his client's innocence. He asserts that the dog died of worms and that there was no animal cruelty involved. Ummm okay... but what about that alligator?