The third time is a charm for this charming young man, as Jeff Adrien, former college and NBA basketball player lands back in jail - this time for allegedly trying to kick a police officer, No we didn't say football or soccer player, but hey... this guy may need a new job when he gets out.
Of course it all happened one night in January when cops in Brooklyn stopped Adrien for a routine traffic violation. And as we have seen many times the first routine turns into a comedy routine as Adrien totally lost his cool and started pushing and kicking at the officers. Ho-hum. Another self-absorbed athlete cuffed and made to do the perp work into jail.
And not the first time! Adrien has had repeated bouts with the law lately, having been arrested for allegedly attacking a security guard at the Trump Soho just days before. And... he was also busted in Los Angeles back in December for (of all things) car theft, allegedly stealing a Mercedes from a valet stand. When the arrests come this frequently and this close together you just know he's riding the fast lane to the bottom, although he likely had to return that stolen Benz.
Adrien played for a number of NBA teams in his short-lived career, including the Milwaukee Bucks. Into Rehab would advise that he quit bucking the system and get his act together or he could find himself with a multi-year contract with the New York State Prison System!