Valerie Fairman (1993-2016)

Valerie Fairrman of 16 and Pregnant fame has died. The cause of death was not immediately reported and remained under investigation. But c'mon folks... 16... pregnant.... a history of arrests for prostitution and using false ID... and a history of substance abuse. We are sad to say this is a definite OD. She leaves a 7-year old child.


Valerie Fairman was desperately trying to get clean for years before she died from a suspected overdose ... according to her mother.

Valerie's mom, Janice Fairman, told TMZ her daughter checked into 5 different rehab treatment facilities over the last 5 years, but she fell off the wagon every time. She says the last time was just a few months before her death ... after Valerie had served time in prison for a probation violation.

Janice told TMZ she last spoke with Valerie a week and a half before her passing, and while they didn't discuss her sobriety, Janice says Valerie sounded "way up" and "very good."

And now... it's all over... so sad.

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