At Into Rehab we know enough to keep our hands to ourselves, keep our mouths shut, and pay for sex only when we have to. But for years the pigs in Hollywood have been known to grab 'em, poke 'em and spank 'em whenever the hell they pleased. Now that their dirty little secrets are out, our friends at Breitbart have done the heavy lifting and compiled a rap sheet of the worst offenders. Enjoy!

As the Harvey Weinstein scandal spreads like an STD throughout the entertainment industry worldwide, as the courage of those coming forward to name names inspires similar courage in others, we cannot allow ourselves to become so accustomed to the allegations that they lose their power to outrage.

Although some male victims have come forward, the alleged victims here are mostly vulnerable young women and children. Worse, so far, all of the alleged abusers are the very men whose primary responsibility in any civilized society is to protect women and children.

As a means to understand just how, yes, institutional these allegations are, here is a list (in no particular order) of the accused and their alleged misdeeds, which will be updated as needed. (Unless otherwise indicated, these stand only as allegations.)

  • Harvey Weinstein – Oscar-Winning Producer - The current poster boy for sexual harassment. Removed from the board of the company he co-founded due to dozens of accusations of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, groping and rape.
  • James Toback – Director, Oscar-Nominated Screenwriter - Winner of the raises his hand the highest award. Over 200 sexual harassment allegations.
  • Ben Affleck – Actor, Oscar-Winning Director and Screenwriter - Big name and big loser. Multiple allegations of groping, one he apologized for.
  • Roman Polanski – Oscar-Winning Director - Hall of Fame award. Admitted child rapist. Four other women claim Polanski assaulted them as minors.
  • Oliver Stone – Oscar-Winning Director - Accused of groping a woman at a party. Holier than thou asshole.
  • Louis C.K. – Comedian, Filmmaker - Swirling rumors of sexual misconduct. Swirling like down the toilet for him.
  • Mark Halperin – Journalist, TV Producer - Multiple accusations of inappropriate sexual conduct and harassment. He's already gone.
  • Terry Richardson – Celebrity Photographer - Accusations of sexual harassment. Yeah, picture perfect. Jerk.
  • David O. Russell – Oscar-nominated Director - Accused of groping,on-set verbal and physical abuse.
  • Bob Weinstein – Oscar-Winning Producer - Brother of the poster boy. Accused of sexual harassing a former employee.
  • Roy Price – Head of Amazon Studios - Not very well known... until now. Resigned due to allegations of sexual misconduct.
  • Twiggy Ramiriez – Bass Player for Marilyn Manson - Accused of raping a former girlfriend.
  • Tyler Grasham – Talent Agent - Nickname: Short eyes. Resigned due to allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault from his male, underage clients. .
  • Netflix – One of the Most Powerful Companies In Entertainment - Settled $1.5 million sexual harassment claim filed by a heterosexual male executive who says he was harassed by male and female superiors. No gender discrimination against the molesters. Meh!
  • Lockhart Steele – Media Director at Vox - The news site for young adult harassers. Fired over allegations of sexual harassment.
  • David Blaine – Superstar Magician - Accused of drugging and raping a 21 year-old model. Needs to disappear.
  • Woody Allen – Oscar-Winning Screenwriter and Director - Another Hall of Fame loser. Accusations of child molestation. No charges were filed after an investigation.
  • Steven Seagal – Actor - The actor designation is still under investigation. Allegations of sexual harassment.
  • Bill Cosby – Iconic Comedian, Actor - The granddaddy of them all. And spokesman for roofies. Dozens of accusations of drugging and raping women.

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