Mike Sorrentino Checks Out of Rehab

Mike Sorrentino checked into rehab for treating his alcohol and substance abuse problem about two weeks ago in March. But now the star of the reality show ‘Jersey Shore’ has checked out of the Cirque Lodge at Utah.

The 29 year old was seen at a particular Utah airport, possibly returning to his hometown of New Jersey. TMZ was the first to break the news that the oldest Jersey Shore crew member had checked out of the Cirque Lodge in Utah. He seemed to look fresher and relatively more well-groomed in a stylish scarf and a black jacket. He happily posed with a fan and had the images posted on Twitter.

‘The Situation’ with Drugs

Mike had first entered the rehab center to deal with troubles related to alcohol. Very soon after, he came clean of the fact that he had also been having trouble with prescription drugs.

Mike, who is popularly known as ‘The Situation’, was eager to return to his lifestyle which consisted of wild parties when he made his return to the Jersey Shore house next summer. He was reportedly quite free to open up about his substance problems and shared his experiences with the other patients while staying in rehab.

He admitted that it was his regular appearance in clubs which increased his alcohol addiction. He also said that any of the Jersey Shore cast members were at a risk of developing drug problems.

Earlier, reports came in that he had succumbed to his drug problems while shooting for the newest Jersey Shore season. His father, Frank had earlier stated that Mike could not afford treatment in the past and his treatment expenses were handled by his older brother Mark.

After-Rehab Involvements

Mike Sorrentino apparently has other plans now that he is finally out of the rehab clinic. He is addicted to clubbing and does not want to leave behind any of his hard partying ways. According to popular celebrity website, RadarOnline.com the main reason why Mike does not want to give up going to parties is mainly due to the income he makes from showing up at different clubs.

Mike apparently leads quite a costly lifestyle and he does not want his decision to enter rehab affect his ways. He is disappointed that knowledge of his visit to rehab has been made public. However, he decided to take charge of the situation and explained on his website that he himself had decided to seek a solution to his prescription drug problem because he was suffering from exhaustion.