Ryan Lochte is returning to competitive swimming for the first time since serving a 14-month ban for receiving a banned intravenous injection. This after doing a stint in rehab to boot. It looks like the bad-boy of past Olympics has maybe cleaned up his act and is ready to compete once again.

Not that Lochte hasn't had to struggle to get back. During the last three years, Lochte has served a 10-month ban for an alcohol-fueled incident at the 2016 Olympics, served another 14-month ban for use of a prohibited IV and sought treatment for his problem with alcohol. This guy is a triple threat in and out of the pool!

Lochte said he checked into a rehab center in Florida last year and the treatment lasted about six weeks. “I think it was getting to a point in my life where I needed a change,’’ said Lochte, a 12-time Olympic medalist who recently turned 35. “So, yes, I checked myself into rehab. I did the classes; I did everything.’’

And now that he is out, he is training hard for the upcoming 2020 games. And hopefully he'll remain clean and sober. But he did cop to drinking a glass of wine June 17 to celebrate the birth of his daughter, Liv Rae. Well... even we would drink to that! Good luck Ryan.