Staying firmly behind the times is as traditional in Indiana as basketball, racing, and wearing shorts in 45-degree weather. Having just legalized Sunday alcohol sales this year, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Indiana was also last to legalize cannabis—unless the handful of lobbyists that ultimately control our vice industry cut themselves a big enough piece. From puritans to profiteers, here are the top reasons pot isn’t legal in Indiana.

David Powell, executive director of the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council (IPAC)

All the Reasons Pot Isn’t Legal in Indiana

Courtesy of The Indiana Lawyer

The IPAC has made their stance well known on the issue of legalization in the Hoosier state, and continues to cling to D.A.R.E-era “science” classifying marijuana as a “gateway drug.” Powell also loves the tautology of a Schedule I substance lacking a rich bed of scientific study data, as many of his Republican colleagues also do: “It doesn’t lower crime rates. It doesn’t lower opiate use. In fact, it makes opiate use three times more likely if you’re using marijuana. But, nobody wants to talk about the data really and the research. They want to talk about the anecdotes.”

Brian Bosma, Speaker of the Indiana House, pocket pet of GEO Group

All the Reasons Pot Isn’t Legal in Indiana

Courtesy of Indiana House Republicans

Bosma has been historically against any and all legalization efforts, even in the wake of Indiana’s critically underfunded DCS system and marijuana legalization success in other states. Don’t get your hopes up on his interest in a study, either: Bosma’s position is unlikely to change as long as private prison lobbies continue to pour money into his campaign. “I think we need to take a look at the effects,” Bosma said. “And I support a study.”

GEO Group, just one of many evil private prison empires

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