Do you smoke with your dad? Maybe you know your pop smokes, but you haven’t shared a joint together yet? It’s time, in the era of legal cannabis, to salute his herbal habits. Especially when it comes to Father’s Day Gifts. Make your father a happy man by giving him a thoughtful gift this Father’s Day that honors his awesomeness, open-mindedness, and love of weed.

1. Pax Era x Eden Extracts

The High Times Father’s Day Gift Guide

Courtesy of PAX

Drag Dad into the 21st cannabis century with a PAX Era paired with Eden Extracts pods. The PAX Era is discreet and sophisticated, for high-tech, on-the-go vaping. Eden Extracts pods are created using refined oil and strain-specific cannabis terpenes, grown organically. For smooth, clean hits with a satisfying high, select from a variety of strains like Diablo OG, Gelato, Sunset Sherbert and GSC. Your dad will feel pretty cool with this sleek vape and pod combo in his pocket.

2. Goldleaf x Lightshade

The High Times Father’s Day Gift Guide

Courtesy of Goldleaf

Does your dad grow? Maybe he just loves to taste terps? Give him a Goldleaf notebook to keep track of his marijuana musings. And in honor of Father’s Day, Goldleaf has teamed up with Colorado dispensary Lightshade to release four custom art prints to benefit Project Sanctuary, a non-profit working to re-acclimate veterans to family life and their communities. The sophisticated pot prints are of luscious landmark strains like White Dawg and Blue Dream. Dad can jot down his weed-tasting preferences and grow notes while admiring excellent art—and you’ll have contributed to a good cause. 100 percent of the profits go to Project Sanctuary.

3. Summerland Stonerware

The High Times Father’s Day Gift Guide

This sleek series of ceramic pipes from California are perfect for the

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