Dennis Rodman Leaves Rehab Begins 'Long Term Treatment'

1/24/2018 11:42 AM PST


imageAfter completing a week at an inpatient rehab center in Jersey, Dennis Rodman[1] is out ... but swears to continue working on his sobriety. 

Rodman had checked in[2] to the Turning Point treatment center following his DUI arrest[3] earlier this month. Now, his rep Darren Prince says he's moving to a nearby outpatient center operated by Turning Point before continuing his long term treatment in California. 

"He’s been working with psychotherapists as well as in group recovery classes," Prince says ... adding, "[Rodman] has finally been accountable for his behavior from alcohol over the years."

Rodman also commented ... saying, "The doctors and nurses at Turning Point were really cool and made me feel comfortable and understand how I got myself into this position and what I need to do to stay on this path."


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