Over the years, glass artists and vendors alike risked their own freedom to bring glass pipes to the market. You might be bombarded with the classic tongue-in-cheek line, “For Tobacco Use Only” if you enter a headshop, but restrictions are being relaxed or ignored for the most part in recent years.

Glass pipes grew in popularity for decades as smokers turned to pipe materials with less thermal conductivity to save fingers from burns—namely glass. Today, glass pipes are approaching the finest art you will ever encounter. Often, glass pipes will be auctioned as fine art, and likewise displayed in a gallery.

Generally speaking—here are the different types of glass pipes: chillums, spoons, Sherlocks, hammers, bubblers, water pipes (bongs) and steamrollers. For concentrates, you’ll find dab rigs, elbows, nails, diffusers, percs and so on. Each category has different arguable advantages and disadvantages. For instance, some prefer ice pinches, while others prefer diffusion. High Times breaks down the glass smoking utensils you need to know about this holiday season.

Photo Courtesy of GEAR Premium®

GEAR Premium® Sidekick 12” Beaker Tube

The most popular GEAR Premium® water pipe just got a lot cooler (or maybe hotter?) because now it comes with a beautifully designed, patent pending built-in lighter holster, so you’ll always know where to find your fire!

This premium package also comes with a bunch of extras including a Sidekick T-Shirt, a GEAR Premium® Lighter, and more. Use promo code HIGHSIDEKICK and receive 10 percent off your next order. See the full list of available GEAR Premium® products at gearpremiumsidekick.com.

Price: $139


Photo Courtesy of Red Eye Tek®

Red Eye Tek® 8.5”

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