Updated (May 30th, 2019):

The New Jersey Senate voted in favor of the bill, with a tally of 33-4. The measure now heads to Governor Murphy’s desk.


2019 has been an up and down year for cannabis law in New Jersey. With lawmakers considering new legislation on both the recreational and medical fronts, cannabis has received a fair amount of attention.

Now, the state Senate is expected to vote today on a new medical marijuana bill. If the bill eventually passes into law, it would significantly expand the size and scope of New Jersey’s medical marijuana program.

New Jersey’s Proposed Medical Marijuana Expansion

The new bill features several provisions that would all add to a rapid expansion of the state’s medical marijuana program.

For starters, the new bill would scale up the number of medical marijuana providers in the state. Currently, there are six growers/dispensaries licensed in New Jersey. Additionally, the New Jersey Department of Health reportedly approved six more providers. So far, however, licenses have not yet been granted.

If the state’s medical marijuana expansion bill passes, it would bump up the number of licenses. Specifically, the bill seeks to set a cap of 23 licensed growers in the state. Additionally, the state has set the goal of having 30 percent of all licenses go to women, minority, and veteran-owned marijuana companies.

Along with increasing the number of providers, the new bill would also allow for home deliveries. And it would also make it possible for patients to consume medical marijuana in designated areas inside dispensaries.

Additionally, the bill calls for the creation of a new independent commission

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