Perhaps due to the sheer timing of cannabis legalization passing at the same time Portland, Oregon’s cultural reputation was drawing in peak numbers of ex-pat creatives seeking a hip, left-of-center and locally-sourced home, the recreational cannabis scene has rapidly developed into a sophisticated industry. The level of thought put into designing stylish shops and the strictness of testing surpasses standards set in other legal states, and customers’ experiences extend far beyond the shop doors with infused dinner events and consumption-friendly house parties. If you haven’t visited Portland, you haven’t fully experienced legal pot cannabis culture yet.

The 10 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Portland, Oregon

Courtesy of Farma

SE Hawthorne
The Scientific Shop That’s Changing the Way We Buy Cannabis

Many shops in Oregon began as medical shops in anticipation for a time when they could switch to rec. Farma brought their medicinal approach into the retail realm, educating customers while they shop the pristine glass cases in the bright, white interior. At Farma, the array of sample buds are labeled with varying shades of red and blue to indicate the degree of energetic uplift or relaxing heaviness, rather than the inaccurate binary of sativa and indica.

“Recreational cannabis can be a trojan horse for progress with medical cannabis,” says co-founder Jeremy Plumb, a global authority on cultivation and the chemistry behind the strains.

He points out how the legal approval not only increases access but also encourages people on the fence to start experimenting and discovering the right strain or edible that treats a chronic discomfort. Rookie users can take advantage of the studied budtenders for help navigating the shelves, and more habitual users will appreciate the reliably potent flower and oil from experienced producers like Nelson & Co. Organics and High Noon Farms. If you’re going to be around,

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