Michael Jackson’s 19-year-old daughter is quickly becoming a noted activist. Last month, Paris Jackson spoke at the Los Angeles Women’s March in support of women around the world. She’s also a known marijuana user and advocate. Paparazzi photographed Paris Jackson leaving a marijuana dispensary in California last month. And now, after posting a video of what appears to be some dank Mary Jane, Paris Jackson claps back at anti-weed internet trolls.

The Video

In her video, posted on Twitter, Paris holds up a lighter to an impressive nug. She captioned the video, “wyd after smokin’ this.” Complete with flaming devil horns and a nice pair of shades, Paris appears ready for a smoking session.

It appears that not everyone on Paris Jackson’s twitter is 420 friendly. And those disapproving fans were certainly not shy about commenting their dismay at her display.

One fan quotes an interview with Paris: “I already have many young girls looking up to me and I want to be something their parents are OK with them looking up to.” She then asks the star, “…And what parent thinks its okay for their kid to smoke weed? Girl, you’re better than this & you know it. #accountability

Another fan contends that Paris’ famous father, Michael Jackson, would be disappointed in his weed-smoking daughter. “Paris your Father would nevee (sic) allow you to smoke that. Think of how upset he’d be..”

These fans were pretty judgmental of a grown woman’s choice to consume a harmless plant. But rest assured: Paris Jackson did not let their negativity slide.

Paris’ Expert Response To The Haters

Not content to let her

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