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What do you do if your rental car smells like weed? There are some stinky situations that even the most well-traveled tourist can get caught up in on the road. Some of the incidents involving marijuana, or more specifically, the lingering odor of high times past, could bring down some unwanted heat at the rental car agency.

Not even rental car companies in legal states are anywhere close to cool with a client dropping off a car that reeks of weed. In some cases, returning a vehicle that smells as though it was just used in a wild-eyed dab stunt in Cheech & Chong’s “Up In Smoke” reboot can come with fines that are both an unexpected and expensive. So if your rental car smells like weed, you might want to pay attention.

My Rental Car Smells Like Weed Because of the Last Customer

There are times when a rental car smells like weed because the last driver hot boxed like a champ. It is acceptable to salute this stoned soldier for their ability to make a Hyundai smell like the shirt you wore to a Pantera concert back in 1994. But it is still not an ideal situation. The lingering odor of marijuana could cause trouble with law enforcement.

In areas of prohibition, a cop has probable cause to search a vehicle based on the smell of marijuana alone. Cruising the streets of Anytown, Kentucky with lingering weed odors could cost more than a speeding ticket if pulled over.

The state of affairs could become even worse if there is, in fact, marijuana in the vehicle. Good luck talking your way out

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