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As the legal recreational use of cannabis quickly approaches for the entire country of Canada in July of 2018, there are a select group of growers putting their green thumbs to work into the fine art of craft cannabis cultivation in an area known as the Kootenays.  This area, which is filled with pristine and snow-capped mountainous regions, is also home to small towns like Nelson, British Columbia which has been a key player since the early 70’s, in this nations billion dollar industry.

If you are not completely sure what craft cannabis is, don’t worry, because even the experts are still in debate.  Very similar to how the alcohol industry labels small independent producers, cannabis seems to be following suit as David Robinson joined the Craft Cannabis Association Of British Columbia over a year and a half ago.  He did this to ensure the growers in this area have a place amongst what most feel will be mega corporations cultivating for the rest of the country.

“We are here to fight for the small to medium growers… and the rights of the public to choose where they get their cannabis from”  Says David.  Who takes you on a tour of not one but two of these craft cannabis gardens explaining how they take no shortcuts as they produce small batches pouring the maximum amount of love over each plant.

First, we head into a highly insulated building which shelters the plants from an annual winter snowfall that averages 6 feet where we find a room full of colas that would dwarf any beer can.

David attests that it is the breeder to thank for all the

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