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Stephen Hawking predicts that if the human race does not find a way to colonize otherworldly civilizations within the next 100 years, it will suffer extinction. The 76-year-old physicist, who believes that President Trump is driving us to the end, told the BBC last year that “climate change, overdue asteroid strikes, epidemics and population growth,” will ultimately sabotage our way of life on Earth. And sure as shit, one or more of these colossal doomsday atrocities is going to put us in the same ranks as the dinosaurs, if we do not find a way to exist and thrive on either the moon or Mars.

When we got wind of Hawking’s grim forecast, tensions ran high here at High Times headquarters. Considering that astronauts have not yet visited the Red Planet (hell, you’d be hard-pressed to convince some of us that we ever landed on the moon), we couldn’t imagine what type of technological advancements would need to happen in the coming decades to ensure that our precious cannabis plant would be allowed to carry on for future generations.

A pact was made. If there was no way to grow weed on the next planet that we, as a so-called civil society, are driven to inhabit, then all of us here promised to go down with the ship. After all, life is not worth living if we are forced to live weed free in such a harsh climate. And then it happened…some reprieve. We just learned that scientists have found natural water sources beneath the surface of Mars that they are calling one of the most important finds toward the concept of inhabiting the planet.

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