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Kim Kardashian[2] is going to have court-ordered protection from a man she claims wanted to make himself at home, literally, for a good long while ... as a judge just slammed the gavel.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Kim was granted a permanent restraining order against Charles Peter Zelenoff -- who she alleged was stalking her for some time now, while also expressing a burning desire to get inside her crib ... and getting too close for comfort.

During a hearing on the matter Wednesday -- one for which Kim was present, but only via audio -- Kim's team pushed for 5 years, but were only granted 3 ... because the court found Zelenoff wasn't threatening her, per se, but they did find basis in her stalking claim.

The new order basically extends what the TRO did[3] last month -- namely, that Zelenoff has to steer clear from Kim and her family, and avoid contacting and/or harassing her for the said amount of time. Zelenoff didn't push back much on the argument -- in fact, he didn't say much at all in his defense.

Just a refresher on what Kim had to say about this guy -- she claimed in her original filing that Zelenoff had been "stalking" her for months ... expressing bizarre desires to pursue a relationship with her, while also apparently making stops outside her home, and filming it.

She also claimed he posted troubling messages about her online ... including frustrations about not being able to get INSIDE her pad, which was enough for Kim to go running to court for help.

Welp, she got it ... the forcefield is officially on.

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