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Polo G was arrested in Miami for what cops claim was a brutal beatdown of an officer -- but his mom/manager is calling BS ... saying he was profiled and arrested for no reason.

The Chicago-based rapper got busted early Saturday morning following what his team says was an album release party in town -- after which the vehicle he was riding in got stopped for some reason ... which allegedly escalated into a full-blown fight between him and a cop.

The guy got booked for several different charges, including battery on a police officer, resisting with and without violence, criminal mischief and making threats. His bond had been set at over $15,000 -- and he posed for this mugshot once inside.

Law enforcement sources tell us that the police report directly linked to Polo's arrest cites the alleged victim, one of the Miami cops on the scene, as having been pummeled by Polo with his elbows ... and allegedly suffering lacerations to his face from the struggle.

The one thing that we can't seem to figure out from the police at this point, though, is why Polo was pulled over in the first place, and what led up to the alleged altercation. Welp, his mom, Stacia Mac, has been pretty vocal on that front ... claiming Polo (and his younger brother, who's apparently just 16 years old) got hauled away for something their driver did.

She alleges that the driver of their ride, whom we're told was white, swerved in the road and cut off a police cruiser ... which then initiated a stop. For whatever reason, Stacia says Polo and others were yanked from the backseat and got dealt with, instead of the actual

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