5:57 AM PT -- Chris Morgan appears to be back on the street, and he's got the same fire he's become notorious for. The angry bagel guy posted a video late Sunday night showing him in the back seat of a car, blasting the "Bad Boys" song ... flipping off the camera, to boot.

6:01 PM PT -- A spokesperson for Suffolk County, NY tells TMZ ... "Third Precinct Police Officers were doing a patrol check of the Bay Shore Marina when they observed a man shouting at people, swinging a small bat and causing a disturbance at approximately 5:45 p.m. The man was transported to a local hospital for evaluation."

The angry short guy who threw a fit in a Bagel Boss shop a month ago is all fired up again -- only this time, it landed him in cuffs.

Chris Morgan was restrained by cops Sunday at Bay Shore Marina in New York, where eyewitnesses say he'd allegedly gotten into it with another guy just moments prior. Police were on the scene and pounced -- and most of it was caught on camera.

You can see the officers tell Chris to lay on his stomach and get his hands behind his back. He complies, mouthing off throughout the whole ordeal.

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