Bam Margera[1] is putting himself back on the road to recovery -- on the heels of leaving rehab yet again, and ending up in a bar ... we've learned he's about to give rehab another shot.

Sources close to Bam tell TMZ ... he's voluntarily entering a new rehab facility on Thursday, knowing full well he needs help. We're told he intends to try to stay sober.

He was at a Los Angeles bar Wednesday night sipping on an ice cold mug of beer. He had just recently bailed on a treatment facility -- the second time he's done so this month.

So now, he's making attempt number 3, and we're told Bam's big stumbling block in treatment has been wanting his cell phone with him at all times, so he can communicate with his son. The last facility took his phone, which he didn't take well.

Our sources say Bam's checking into a different facility this time, and he's hoping they'll let him keep his phone.

That's when he got arrested last week[2] following some bizarre behavior at a L.A.'s Luxe Hotel. Hours after his arrest, he was admitted back[3] to rehab -- but it didn't stick.

As he takes a third swing at treatment, we're told he still has Dr. Phil[4]'s full support.


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