6:16 PM PT -- The Frisco Police Department released a statement in response to the lawsuit on Tuesday ... denying the allegations. 

"Both parties to the crash were offered medical attention and both refused. Emergency medical services were not requested by either party. Neither party was treated or transported."

The Dallas Cowboys conspired with police to cover up info from a 2017 car crash that would have sidelined Ezekiel Elliott[1] from a crucial NFL playoff game ... so says a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports.

The suit stems from a January 11, 2017 car crash[2] -- 4 days before the Cowboys played the Packers in an NFC Divisional Round game -- when Zeke slammed a GMC Yukon into a BMW 750 driven by Ronnie Hill on his way to the Cowboys practice facility.

Hill claims Zeke was obviously at fault because the running back was running late to practice[3] and had "barreled through a red light" -- causing more than $33,000 in damage to Hill's vehicle. Hill claims he suffered "serious and permanent" injuries in the wreck.

Hill says the impact of the collision was so intense, the two vehicles were "wedged together" and they needed a tow truck to pull them apart.

At the time, the Frisco Police Dept. put out a statement describing the incident as a "minor vehicle crash" ... but Hill says that's a crock of BS.

In fact, Hill claims the Dallas Cowboys "conspired with the Frisco Police Dept. to cover up the severity of the accident to assure that Elliott's health would not be placed in

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