OCTOBER 10--An airline passenger last night was escorted from a plane by Florida cops after refusing to leave the aircraft upon imagelearning that she would not be allowed to fly with her “emotional support squirrel,” according to a police report[1].

The female passenger, who was booked on a flight from Orlando to Cleveland, had noted in her Frontier Airlines reservation that she would be traveling with an emotional support animal.

But when the woman arrived for her flight, airline personnel discovered that the animal in question was a squirrel (who was in a small cage). Since Frontier  regulations bar rodents on flights, the passenger was asked to leave the aircraft. 

However, the woman refused to deplane, prompting Frontier workers to call police and clear the aircraft of other passengers.

An Orlando Police Department report[2] notes that an officer was dispatched to Gate 15 “in reference to a passenger with a ‘emotional support squirrel’ that refused to get off a Frontier flight.”

The woman, who cops did not identify, “exited the aircraft without incident after the police arrived.” Wheeled away from the gate on an airport cart, the woman (seen above) was not charged in connection with the bizarre incident.

It is unclear whether she and the squirrel were able to book other travel to Cleveland. (1 page)


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