Scooter Braun's Co. Suing Gaga's Ex-Mgr for Unpaid $10 Mil Loan Manager Plays Race Card



3:00 AM PT  Cater just told TMZ, he does indeed owe money, but the amount was being negotiated when the lawsuit was filed.

7:30 PM PT -- Troy Carter tells TMZ, he never borrowed money from Scooter. He says he agreed to "re-purchase" Atom Factory -- a management company which Scooter bought from Troy -- and Scooter offered him a discount if he paid up front.  Carter does not specifically say if he still owes Scooter money.

Troy says he feels he's the victim of extortion because Scooter threatened to sue him for fraud if he didn't pay him the money, adding, "It's ironic how I can make it out of the streets, only to be extorted by paper gangsters and their attorneys."

He then goes after Scooter, "The only fraud is Scooter Braun professing to be a high integrity individual. The spurious speeches about equal rights don't square when you make excuses for clients that make jokes about 'n******s.' Or, attempting to spin the press when a client diminishes the horrific crimes of slavery. He goes on ... "Had these comments been anti-semitic, he would've made sure those clients never worked again. It's financial gain over personal principals."

And, he says, "There are only a handful of African-American executives left in our business and yet he's okay with attempting to falsely ruin my reputation."


Scooter Braun[1]'s company is going after Lady Gaga[2]'s former manager for millions it loaned him, but never got back ... according to a new lawsuit. 

Ithaca Management Holdings, Scooter's

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