Harvey Weinstein & TWC Sued N.Y. AG Claims Civil Rights Violations Bob & Co. Were Complicit!!

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Harvey Weinstein[1] and The Weinstein Company are being sued by the New York Attorney General for alleged civil rights violations in the workplace.

New York's AG, Eric Schneiderman, just filed suit against Harvey, his brother, Bob Weinstein[2], and the entire Weinstein Co., alleging they violated the state's civil rights laws and NYC's human rights laws during the disgraced movie producer's time there.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Schneiderman says Harvey persistently sexually harassed female employees at TWC by personally creating a hostile work environment and demanding quid pro quo sexual favors for continued employment or career advancement.

He goes on to allege that Harvey used his position at TWC, as well as female employees and company resources, to serve his sexual interests with other women seeking employment or business opportunities with TWC. 

Schneiderman also accuses TWC's human resources department of essentially being non-existent ... while going on to claim Bob and the rest of the board of directors were complicit in Harvey's operation by ignoring credible evidence presented to them time and again.

Schneiderman wants Harvey, Bob and TWC to pay out the nose for their alleged misdeeds ... upwards of $350k for each violation. He also wants any women bound to an NDA with the company to be released from its terms. 


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