Nicole Eggert Telling Cops About Baio Was the 'Right Thing to Do'

2/7/2018 10:43 AM PST

Nicole Eggert[1] has no regrets about dragging police into her feud with Scott Baio[2] -- and says it's a necessary part of her recovery.

Nicole was out in L.A. Wednesday morning when she revealed her experience with LAPD one day earlier. TMZ broke the story ... the former "Charles in Charge" star and her attorney, Lisa Bloom[3], met with detectives[4] in the Sexual Assault Section ... and discussed her claim Baio molested her multiple times[5].

imageBaio denies the allegations[6], and told us Nicole's not only changed her story multiple times -- but she's playing dirty by even mentioning his kids[7] in this whole mess.

For her part, Nicole firmly believes going to police was the "right thing to do."

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