Republic Records' Charlie Walk Alleged Extortionist Threatened Me ... Resign Or I'll F*** You Up!!!

2/5/2018 2:13 PM PST


Republic Records honcho and 'The Four' judge Charlie Walk claims he was being extorted before an ex-employee accused him of sexual misconduct, and says he has a voicemail to prove it. 

TMZ has obtained a voicemail a source close to Charlie claims was left by radio exec Tom Gilligan. The caller, who sounds drunk, offers Charlie a "deal" -- resign from 'The Four' and Republic and "nobody will ever say anything." He claimed Walk hired hookers, and 3 women were ready to go public as part of the #MeToo movement.

Gilligan tells us he doesn't recall leaving a voicemail for Walk, but does acknowledge he was drunk and upset with him around the same time. He claims Charlie had ignored his request to set up a meet-and-greet with Jon Bon Jovi[1].

Although the message was left about a month before Tristan Coopersmith went public with allegations[2] against Walk -- Gilligan insists he has nothing to do with her or an extortion plot. As we reported ... Walk pulled out of 'The Four' finale[3], airing this week.

Walk's attorney, Duncan Levin, says they've filed a complaint about Gilligan with the Manhattan D.A.'s office and submitted the voicemail as evidence.

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