Gabby Douglas & Mom Condemn Nassar Attacker Never Fight Evil with Evil

2/2/2018 12:16 PM PST


Violence is not the answer ... even when it comes to Dr. Larry Nassar[1] -- this according to Gabby Douglas[2] and her mom who are strongly condemning the father who attacked Nassar in court. 

Natalie Hawkins was at LAX with Gabby where she told TMZ Sports she knows exactly how Randall Margraves was feeling before he went nuclear in court[3] ... since Gabby was also one of Nassar's victims[4]

"My daughter was one of the [victims]. I don't care how angry you are, the important thing is to maintain your emotions," Hawkins said ... "It's a bad example for the kids."

Gabby said people shouldn't fight evil with evil ... they should combat it with good. 

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