Nicole Eggert Scott Baio Needs to 'Come Clean' For His Daughter's Sake

2/2/2018 10:20 AM PST

Nicole Eggert[1] is imploring Scott Baio[2] to be a good father to his daughter ... and, in her eyes, that means confessing he had sex with Nicole when she was a minor.

Eggert was out for a walk in L.A. Friday morning when she went for the jugular with her former "Charles in Charge" co-star. She also says she hasn't filed a report yet, but she has an appointment to talk to cops.

She goes on to hint she might not be the only person from the show who has beef with Baio.

As we've reported ... Scott denies[3] having any sexual contact with Eggert before she was 18, and points out she's changed her story several times.

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