Meek Mill Scores Legal Win ... We'll Know if Judge Was Biased


imageMeek Mill[1] might have gotten a spectacular break, because a judge has just ordered the release of documents that could prove the trial judge in his probation violation case was biased.

As we reported, Meek and his lawyer, Joe Tacopina, say Judge Genece Brinkley asked Meek in chambers to fire Roc Nation and hire Charlie Mack, whom Meek claims was a friend of hers[2]. Meek says his refusal to change pissed her off. For the record, Mack has told TMZ he doesn't know the judge.

Tacopina says the hearing in chambers was on the record and it will show inappropriate judicial conduct by Judge Brinkley asking Meek to change managers.  

Tacopina tells TMZ, later the same day at that hearing, the judge called Meek and Nicki Minaj[3] into her chambers without anyone else present and asked Meek to redo the Boyz II Men song, "On Bended Knee," and requested that he re-record the song and give her a shout-out[4] in the lyrics.  

As we reported, Meek believes the judge is a failed actress[5] who had it out for him when he refused.

The transcript of the hearing could prove Meek's point and it could trigger his release if the probation violation hearing was tainted.

Meek's serving 2 to 4 years[6] for the probation violation.


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