Super Bowl LII: Tom Brady's Jersey On Lockdown 'Don't Want Another Jerseygate'

1/23/2018 1:00 AM PST


imageThere will be no Jerseygate 2 at Super Bowl LII -- with law enforcement putting together special plans to watch Tom Brady[1]'s jersey LIKE A HAWK in the wake of last year's theft, TMZ Sports has learned. 

First off, the guy who jacked Tom's jersey out of the locker room in 2017, Mauricio Ortega[2], has been banned from all Super Bowls (and all NFL games) for life ... an NFL spokesperson tell us. 

Law enforcement directly involved with the SBLII protection in Minneapolis says the protection of player property[3] -- especially game-used memorabilia -- will be a major priority this time around. 

As one source put it ... "One of the main goals is to keep people and property safe. We do not want a repeat of last year and we have learned lessons from other major sporting events."

We're told the overall security plan involves federal agencies, multiple state agencies and private security plus "surveillance everywhere."

Still, Tom might wanna have a designated "jersey guy" just in case ... 


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