Larry Nassar Victims Speak In Court Here's Why You're a Scumbag

1/16/2018 6:33 AM PST

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It's finally time for the victims of disgraced ex-Team USA Olympics doctor Larry Nassar[1] to give their impact statements in court ... where they will tell him to his face why he's a piece of human garbage. 

Nassar sexually assaulted more than 100 women and girls in his capacity as the team doc for Team USA women's gymnastics and Michigan State University. His victims include McKayla Maroney[2]Aly Raisman[3]Gabby Douglas[4] and Simone Biles[5].

Nassar is being sentenced on 7 first-degree sexual assault charges Tuesday in a Michigan courtroom -- but first, his victims will have a chance to address the court and lobby for whatever punishment they see fit.

No surprise, many of his victims want the judge to throw the book at Nassar -- a maximum sentence would essentially ensure he spend the rest of his life behind bars. 

Burn in hell, scumbag.

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