Harold Ford Jr.[1] is happy he is no longer accused of sexual harassment[2] and is looking forward to taking on Morgan Stanley, which fired him last month for unexplained misconduct.

“I am gratified to learn that Morgan Stanley now acknowledges what I always knew, that I did not engage in any acts of sexual misconduct or harassment,” Ford said in a statement.

“I only wish for the sake of my good name and reputation that they had admitted the truth five weeks ago.”

The statement came the day after I reported that Ford’s friends feel he was railroaded by Morgan Stanley, because he was fired less than 24 hours after he had denied any wrongdoing.

Ford’s only accuser, Reuters business editor Lauren Tara LaCapra, refused to speak with me but told the New York Times of a dinner they shared four years ago: “Mr. Ford tried to pull me into an elevator to go to a cocktail lounge, despite my verbal and physical resistance.”

But at 12:44 a.m. she e-mailed him: “had fun tonight! thanks for inviting me out, and for the meal, and my ride home. hope you got back safe & sound?”


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