Ray J Scoot-E-Bike Idea Was All Mine!!! Lawsuit's a Shakedown

1/11/2018 1:10 PM PST


imageRay J[1]'s slamming the breaks on some dude suing him for stealing the idea behind Scoot-E-Bike ... calling the suit a pure money grab.

Ray J's manager, David Weintraub, tells TMZ ... Scoot-E-Bike is 100% independently owned, financed, trademarked, marketed and promoted by the 'Love & Hip Hop' star. Weintraub's adamant ZERO contracts or agreements were ever made with the guy.

TMZ broke the story ... Jean Paul sued Ray J[2] claiming they agreed in 2015 to partner up. JP also said he was blindsided when Ray J launched the Scoot-E-Bike without him.

Weintraub says Jean Paul's bitter Ray J's company is a soaring success and the suit's just a frivolous shakedown.

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