image"Deadpool" star Morena Baccarin[1] became single at a price.

We got the property settlement agreement between Baccarin and ex-hubby Austin Chick, and there were a lot of spoils to divide. For starters, Austin gets their home in New York City, while Morena gets their homes in Brazil and Los Angeles.

The documents say Morena makes more than $90k a month, and Austin pulls in $1,375 a month.

And ... she gets the 2001 Lexus!!!

Morena, who also starred in "Homeland," gets lots of residuals, and they're fair game for Austin. They agreed that some of the residuals, including the ones for "Deadpool" and Season 1 of "Gotham," will be split.

When all the dust settles, to make things square Morena agreed to cut a check to Austin for $406k.

As for custody -- which was the major bone of contention -- TMZ broke the story 4-year-old Julius can live with Morena in NYC[2]. Austin was trying to block the move, but in the end he's agreed to move to the Big Apple. She's paying $3,500 a month in child support and he gets $5k in spousal support for a year.  

The agreement provides that neither will trash the other in front of their kid.



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