How the mighty have fallen: Jon Peters — who produced dozens of blockbusters, including “Rain Man” and “The Color Purple,” and once ran Sony Pictures with his partner Peter Guber — is now remembered, at least to Brooklyn millennials, as Barbra Streisand[1]’s nameless former boyfriend.

Tavi Gevinson[2], 21, who started blogging about fashion 10 years ago, was showing her art collection to the New York Times when the reporter noticed a Post-it with the word “chutzpah.”

“I was reading about ‘A Star Is Born,’ the Streisand one, and how her boyfriend or hair stylist or someone wanted to direct it,” Gevinson, an actress and the founder of online magazine Rookie, said. “He had no experience directing. And she said something like, ‘He had such chutzpah,’ and it made me realize I could do anything.”

The Gray Lady didn’t feel the need to identify Babs’ cocky haircutter.


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