Chief Keef I Was On 8 Drugs In My DUI Bust

1/3/2018 2:29 PM PST


imageChief Keef[1] had a pharmacy of drugs in his system when he was busted for DUI ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story ... Keef was arrested[2] in April in Miami, after cops say they saw him doing a weed deal.

Keef submitted to a urine test, and now we know the results, and they're pretty amazing ... Keef had the following drugs in his system:

-- Morphine

--  Codeine

--  Promethazine

--  THC

-- Hydrocodone

-- Norcodeine

-- Dihydrocodeine

-- Hydromorphone

8 drugs (EIGHT) in his system.

The State's attorney actually dropped the DUI Tuesday, but it was a scheduling issue. The DUI was refiled Wednesday.

BTW  ... we learned firsthand how out of it Keef can be ... on "TMZ Live"

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