Danielle Bregoli Hires Tiger Woods' Attorney ... Cashes Probation Break

1/2/2018 12:40 AM PST


imageDanielle Bregoli[1]'s got big-time money now ... which means hiring big-time help to clear up big-time legal issues comes easier, too.

The 'Cash Me Outside' girl just hired attorney Doug Duncan ... the same guy that repped Tiger Woods[2] in his DUI case[3]. Doug joins Danielle's OG legal muscle, Scott Richardson, in her ongoing legal battles in Florida -- including a case where she allegedly stole her mom's purse and car.

The 14-year-old was slapped with a 5-year probation[4] back in May after pleading guilty to multiple charges, including 2 counts of grand theft ... she was also hit with a curfew that included needing a parent with her after 5 PM. 

Danielle and her attorneys were in court Thursday where we're told a judge agreed to modify Bregoli's curfew so that her management team be considered a guardian. 

Sources close to Bregoli tell us the slightly lax new rules will allow Danielle to spend more time in the studio and expand her work travel, too.

We smell a tour[5].


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