• At Into Rehab we know enough to keep our hands to ourselves, keep our mouths shut, and pay for sex only when we have to. But for years the pigs in Hollywood have been known to grab 'em, poke 'em and spank 'em whenever the hell they pleased. Now that their dirty little secrets are out, our friends at Breitbart have done the heavy lifting and compiled a rap sheet of the worst offenders. Enjoy!

  • FEBRUARY 15, 2017 - -A Utah mother of six and her boyfriend are facing voyeurism charges for allegedly using a drone to peep into the bedrooms and bathrooms of several victims. Why did this take so long?

  • A mother-daughter prostitution team is behind bars on Febriary 14 (Valentine's Day!) following their arrest in an undercover sting launched by Florida police. After spotting a ad placed by a “SeXy MILF”[1] with an “Awesome Attitude & Personality” who enjoyed performing oral sex without a condom, a cop called to arrange a $100, 30-minute encounter with “Tamara.” You can see where this one went.

  • A substitute teacher was arrested yesterday for indecent exposure after she performed a cartwheel in a high school choir class “with no under garments on,” police allege. According to cops, Lacey Sponsler, 34, exposed herself to students last Friday at Pawhuska High School in Pawhuska, a city about 50 miles north of Tulsa.

  • An Arkansas man suspected of robbing an adult novelty store was arrested after a stolen sex toy fell out of his pocket as he was approached by a police officer. Andrew Bell, 30, entered the Seductions store in Fayetteville around 9 PM Wednesday and browsed for about 30 minutes before a worker spotted him walking into a back room “attempting to get out of the sight of the employee,” He was playing hide the salami... really!

  • It's all so sordid... yet around here so delicious! A former crook (he was convicted of felony mail and wire fraud in 2002) with no formal medical training or certification, gets to run a million dollar rehab operation in Malibu. And there he drugs, imprisons and screws his patients - literally. Only in California... where rehab and sex are considered a lifestyle.

    UPDATE: This mook just got himself arrested for "transport [or] sale of a controlled substance. Oh yeah, and the California Department of Health wants to shut down his entire operation. 

  • Here we go again. Another major corporation offending... well... just about everyone. Everyone that is except maybe pedophiles and teenage boys. With a highly sexualized underwear ad featuring a peek up a young girl's skirt, Calvin Klein has taken their edgy, often offensive ads in the past to new heights... or depending on your perspective new depths!

  • On June 15, 2015 former NFL star Darren Sharper pleaded guilty to rape charges in a Louisiana court. We gotta say, this guy isn't so sharp!

  • UPDATE: Former California high school teachers Melody Lippert and Michelle Ghirelli have pleaded guilty to having sex with a 17-year-old student during their drug and sex filled party on the beach last January (2015.) Michelle Ghirelli also pleaded guilty to a felony count of furnishing a controlled substance. While neither of the women will face jail time, Lipper and Ghirelli will both be sentenced to three years probation. Lippert will also have to perform 15 days of community service while Ghirelli will serve 180 days in a lock-down rehab facility. The prosecution said that even though the women won't face jail time they will receive a much bigger punishment which is having their teaching credentials revoked for life in the state of California. Original story follows...

  • UPDATE: Straight out of an Arizona court room, Warren Sapp has pleadedguilty to solicitation and assault of 2 prostitutes in an incident that took place in an Arizona hotel room three months ago. But get this, he's getting off pretty easy (apparently the last time he got off this easy was 3 months ago in that hotel room!) Sapp will not be serving any time behind bars and has been required to enroll in two counseling programs. Some are calling these programs "hooker rehab". The best part is that one program he's already finished and the other program he is currently in. Sapp was also ordered to pay restitution to the prostitutes, $1,171.24 to one, and $150 to the other. That brings the total amount paid to both prostitutes: $1921.24 -- a pretty expensive trick! Check out the original story...

  • On May 6, 2015 Mavericks High School Principal Krista Morton (45) was arrested in Palm Springs, Florida after being caught by police in a parked marijuana-filled car, partially unclothed with a student from her school. Our question: if a teacher gets it on with a student, he gets high fives from his buddies all the way down the hall. But wow... making it with a principal... what does that get him? Arrested!

  • In March of 2015 former Grand Slam tennis champion Bob Hewitt was found guilty on two counts of rape and one of sexual assault in a South African High Court. Grand slam on the tennis court, but apparently not in the bedroom for this old man.

  • On February 5, 2015 Former English Rock Star Paul Gadd aka Gary Glitter was found guilty of multiple child sex offences that involved three young girls between the ages of 8 and 13. On February 27, 2015 the sentence was handed down -- 16 years in prison. We guess all that glitters, is not gold!

  • NFL Safety for the Philadelphia Eagles, Nate Allen, was arrested on February 16, 2015. He was released shortly after. However, it was later learned what the accusations against him were: performing a lewd act and exposing himself to a 16-year-old girl while stopped at a red light. As bad as it might sound, let's just be glad he wasn't texting while driving!

  • Greg Anthony, a basketball analyst for CBS and former NBA player, was arrested on January 16, 2015 and charged with solicitation of a prostitute. That was Greg Anthony... but his new nickname will be John. 

  • Former star of the reality TV show "Sons of Guns", Will Hayden, has pleaded not guilty to the 2nd of two rape charges filed against him in Louisiana.

  • This is the story of Stephen Collins. One that perhaps you never knew. Stephen Weaver Collins is an America actor, writer, director, and musician. He was once best known for his role as Eric Camden, a Church Pastor, on the long-running and popular television series 7th Heaven. Now he may be better known for allegations of sexual activity with under-age girls. Maybe that Church Pastor role should have been written for a Catholic Priest. On second that that would have been if his victims were boys... so never mind!

  • Just Kidding... It's About Sex!

    Selena Gomez the once unstoppable Disney star that millions of girls look up to has just had several songs from her new album leaked. And with that, she signals the direction to look may not be up... but down!

  • December 1st, is the birthday of the always funny Woody Allen. While such a famous person may need no introduction, we'd like to take this opportunity to look back on some of his more infamous "bad behavior".

  • This man was once the ideal "father figure" to many, but times have changed. Bill Cosby is becoming the baby that we check on every 10 min to make sure they are still asleep.